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Activities in English

«Perekrestok» event agency, organizes and holds activities in English! All the interested individuals we propose the following activities: team building, corporate events, business conference, presentations, press conference or forums with the view to establishing and entering into good and sustainable cooperation with foreign partners, as well as for the local and municipal events. Our hosts and moderators are perfectly fluent in English.

Ивент-агенство «Перекресток» организует и проводит мероприятия на английском языке! Всем заинтересованным лицам предлагаем: проведение тимбилдингов, корпоративных мероприятий, деловых конференций, презентаций, пресс-конференций или форумов для установления и налаживания отношений с зарубежными партнерами, а так же городских мероприятий. Наши ведущие и модераторы владеют английским языком в совершенстве.

26th of May, 2017. Organization of Seminar and Teambuilding in English.

Yesterday we realized our new project “ETHNO-AUL”. Our teambuilding consisted of two parts.
Part One included the organization of the seminar for the Total company, where operational issues of the professional activity were solved and strategical goals of the company were determined.
Part Two of our event was performed within the “ETHNO-AUL” project. Our main idea of the teambuilding was the immersion experience of the foreign company employees into the real life of ancient nomads.
Book the “ETHNO-AUL” event and the masterclass of the hand-made pottery craft, national cuisine dishes where you have the chance to cook by yourself, national customs and traditional rituals, a photo session with a hunting golden eagle, the real horse cavalry and many other entertainments will be waiting for you!

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